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Career Opportunities for Certified Hand Therapists

ProActive Hand Therapy is in partnership with ProActive Physical Therapy to provide expert hand and upper extremity rehabilitation for Tucson and Southern Arizona Community.  ProAcitve Hand Therapy is a Certified Hand Therapist owned practice with an expanding service area in Tucson and Oro Valley. 

ProActive's success in our community is inspired by a commitment to clinical excellence and exceptional service to our clients and each other.  This commitment creates a collegial and fun environment where each member of the team is valued and appreciated for his or her unique gifts, talents and contributions.  

Our clinics are unique environments created by the investments in the space and its people.  We believe in a professional and fun atmosphere where people enjoy helping each other and the client.  

ProActive Physical Therapy is regarded as leaders in Tucson collaborating with physicians and other providers to create a team approach to care.  Our roots stem from the University of Arizona Athletics Program and the Medical School. We are active teachers in the medical community, the pedestrian community and our profession.

The pillars of our company:

  • Professional growth
  • Personal growth
  • Financial growth

We provide ample opportunity for our CHTs to grow in each of these areas including a partnership with the IAOM-US for certification and fellowship training, mentoring program and incentive-based compensation that rewards PTs for their results.  We offer partnership opportunities for qualified team-members and an opportunity to guide the future of our company.

Our benefits include:

  • Dynamic and energizing practice environment
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Life and disability insurance
  • 401K matching contribution
  • Continuing Education benefits
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Professional and personal development program

Tucson is an active community in the beautiful Sonoran Desert with year-round outdoor activities.  The beaches of Mexico and California are a 5-7 hour drive and you can be hiking at 9,000 feet with in a 45 minute drive.  Tucson has been named a top cycling community and a destination for those who love outdoor activities.

We are looking for Certified Hand Therapists who are eager to grow in their profession and contribute to the growth of our team!

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