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The ProActive Healthcare Network is made up healthcare professionals and businesses who align with our mission to guide the Tucson community towards better health. Today, Terry Tinney and Anne Wheaton of Integrated States, share about Bal-A-Vis-X groups and how they can benefit both seniors, adults and children.   Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of 300 Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises, all of which are deeply rooted in rhythm. The exercises range from one hand tossing and catching one sandbag ...
Posted on 2017-03-23
We’ve teamed up with likeminded healthcare professionals and businesses to guide the Tucson community towards better overall health. Today, Dr. Rose of Nature Medica is sharing advice on stress and how to handle it. Do you feel stressed? In my first visit with a new patient I always ask, "Do you feel you have stress in your life?" Nine out of ten of those patients proclaim a resounding, "Yes!" With top sources of stress listed as work, family, finances, and more recently politics, mos...
Posted on 2017-03-13
. Interested in positive changes for 2017?. When I work with clients, interested in making positive changes, we begin by developing an attitude of curiosity, without judgment, about how you operate. This builds self-awareness and provides valuable information from which to grow.  What is working well in your life and where do we need to make adjustments? Reflecting on 2016, ask yourself :. Am I living as healthy as I could? Do I live aligned with my top values? Do I prioritize my ti...
Posted on 2016-12-23
Summer Travel. The good news is that by following some simple summer travel tips, you can minimize the risk of suffering an injury so that you can fully enjoy your summer vacation. Tip 1 - Lift Luggage Properly. The first step to safe travelling is to pack your luggage as light as possible; this will help to minimize the weight that you have to lift when transporting your luggage. When walking with luggage, use a cart whenever possible to avoid carrying weight unnecessarily. When lifting lugg...
Posted on 2016-06-01
Downtown, May 27th, 2016 at 06:30
The ProActive Team is proud to be sponsoring the Meet Me Downtown 10th Anniversary.  When you are walking or running and meeting people you are being ProActive about your health! Thanks to all of those who stopped by our booth at the event!  We talk with hundreds of people who want to be more proactive about their health.  We saw many previous clients and those who are interested in learning more about Stay Tuned to learn the winner of our free Fitbit Drawing! &nb...
Posted on 2016-05-26
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