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New Patients

Preparing For Your Appointment

Be Healthy, Be Strong, Be ProActive

Important Information to Ensure a Healing Partnership

What to wear

Physical Therapy may involve exercise. Please either wear loose fitting clothes or bring some with you. We have a place for you to change.

What to bring

Your most recent insurance card and doctor’s referral if your insurance requires a referral. Any x- rays, MRIs or reports that will help us better understand your situation. If it is your first visit, please print your medical history and clinical intake forms.

What to expect

Our first appointment generally lasts for about 1 hour. Follow-up visits vary depending upon your needs. An exceptionally friendly team of colleagues committed to a great health care experience.

What to do when you arrive

Please sign in at every visit. Please pay your co-pay or co-insurance at every visit. 

If you miss your scheduled appointment

We need at least 24 hours advanced notice for cancellations. Your consideration allows us to assign another person to your time slot if you cannot make it. If you cancel the day of your scheduled appointment or no show for your appointment you will be assessed a fee of $25.00.

Healing Partnership

Most Importantly: We care about your experience with us! Please talk with one of our clinic directors if ever you are not happy with any part of your experience. 

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