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New Patients

Welcome to ProActive Physical Therapy

Thank you for choosing ProAcitve Physical Therapy, a physical therapist owned practice providing some of the most advanced, hands-on care in Tucson for nearly 20 years. 

With your Primary Concern in Mind, Click One of the Below Links to Download Your Welcome Packet:

Low or Mid Back Pain

Neck or Upper Back Pain

Shoulder, Elbow or Hand Pain

Hip, Knee or Ankle Pain

Incontinence or Pelvic Pain

Balance/Improve Function

In Spanish:New Patient Paperwork

If Medicare is your Primary Insurance ALSO click here to complete

You will be working with an exceptional team of physical therapists and health care professionals committed to understanding your individual needs and providing you a quality health care experience.   Many of our professionals have advanced degrees, specialist certification and years of experience with diagnosis and advanced forms of treatment.

The time you need:  The physical therapist will work with you to arrive at a diagnosis and you will receive the time you need to fully understand the problems and the possible solutions.  With your PT, you will co-create a treatment plan that gets you to your goals and works for your lifestyle.

Follow-up appointments will include hands-on and guided care.  During this time you will work with one of our professionals to decrease pain and improve strength, endurance, motion and health.

How to get the best value from your care appointment:

  1. Bring the results of any lab tests, x-rays or other information that is relevant to your current condition.
  2. Wear or bring comfortable clothing that will allow you to move and exercise if required.
  3. Click the appropriate link above to print your welcome packet, fill it out at your leisure before your first appointment and bring it with you when you meet your therapist.

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