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Welcome to ProActive Physical Therapy

Who We Are

ProActive is an integrated team of physical therapists and health care professionals committed to offering expert guidance for concerns related to injury, pain, and other conditions. Our goal is to provide an optimal therapist-client relationship and an environment in which healing can occur on all levels. We believe that restoring optimal function requires an expert understanding of the problem and treatment of the whole person.

Why Choose Us?

At ProActive, we understand that many facets of your life can be affected by an injury, surgery, or chronic pain. We offer complete and compassionate care at the level you desire. In addition to physical therapy, members of our team offer the following services:

  • Health and fitness program design and guidance from our team of certified exercise professionals
    • Programs are designed for those with specific health concerns in conjunction with a Physical Therapist
    • Programs for healthy people of all ages wanting to increase general fitness and performance enhancement
  • Prompt referral to specialist physician partners
  • Specialized hand, elbow, and shoulder therapy
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation and training
  • Nutritional consultation for sports and for all stages of life
  • Life and personal enhancement coaching

Its ProActive Healthcare!

Other services may be offered by request or referral. Your therapist will work with you to guide you in choosing what treatment plan works best for you.

Our physical therapists are trained and experienced in all areas of PT, but we have particular expertise in sports rehabilitation, active aging populations and challenging pain.

Our Commitment:

We will take the time to teach you what is causing the pain. We will strive to provide you with an experience that empowers you with a better understanding of the barriers preventing you from living a full and active life. We will guide you toward healthier living.

New Patient Paperwork:

Click here to download and print your new patient paperwork before your first visit. 


The time you need:  The physical therapist will work with you to arrive at a diagnosis and you will receive the time you need to fully understand the problems and the possible solutions.  With your PT, you will co-create a treatment plan that gets you to your goals and works for your lifestyle.

Follow-up appointments will include hands-on and guided care.  During this time you will work with one of our professionals to decrease pain and improve strength, endurance, motion and health.

How to get the best value from your care appointment:

  1. Bring the results of any lab tests, x-rays or other information that is relevant to your current condition.
  2. Wear or bring comfortable clothing that will allow you to move and exercise if required.
  3. Click the appropriate link above to print your welcome packet, fill it out at your leisure before your first appointment and bring it with you when you meet your therapist.

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