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Back Pain

Solutions for Back Pain

lower back painLow back pain is single most common reason people seek a physical therapist.  Why?  We are experts in knowing what is causing the pain and providing lasting, drug-free solutions.

We provide you with an explanation about why your back hurts and guide you with simple solutions that are realistic and doable.

What is low back pain?

There are a number of tissues in the body that can cause low back pain: bones, discs, nerves, muscles, kidneys and other organs.  Knowing what is causing the pain is the first step in treating the pain!

How do we know what is causing the pain?

  1. We take the time to listen to you.  The story of your back pain often gives us clues about how it started and why it continues.  We match that information with our experience of treating thousands of people wiht back pain
  2. A thorough examination:  We use our hands and and a specific examination to best determine the likely cause of your pain.
  3. We review the x-rays or any other imaging reports you bring to your appointment.

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