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Endurance Sport

Endurance Sport Training

Pyramid Coaching extends the offerings of ProActive Physical Therapy by giving clients access to professional level endurance sport coaching within our central facility, off-site one on one training sessions, and custom created daily cardio workouts. This completes the chain in the rehabilitation, improved health & well-being, and performance loop. Physical Therapy creates the healing environment, continued dynamic exercise and strength training extends that process, and continued fitness & cardio work lead to long-term improved health and quality of life.

What is Pyramid Coaching International ?

Pyramid Coaching Intl. is a professional coaching & training organization that creates custom cardio and endurance training programs for clients locally, nationally, and worldwide. Our training packages are second to none in individuality, specificity and quality. Service is our number one priority. We have been working with athletes of all ages and ability levels for 12 years. From beginner to pro, recreation to competition, high-end race fitness to health & weight loss, we are prepared to make the most of your valuable time.

Training available in a vast array of endurance sports including: 

  • Cycling-road, track, TT, crit   
  • Triathlon-sprint, olympic, international, 1/2 IM, Full IM  
  • Running-track, cross country, road racing, 5k, 10k,  marathon 
  • Mountain Biking-cross country, downhill, short track, ultra distance  
  • Swimming-all distances   
  • Duathlon-all distances
  • Fitness-general or sport specific
  • Health & weight loss

Specializing  In:

  • Cardio consultation & aerobic fitness development
  • General and comprehensive training programs
  • Anaerobic threshold & Vo2 max testing
  • Indoor cycling power training session
  • Personal training sessions indoors & out
  • Professional Physical-Therapy based bike fitting
  • Custom plans with unlimited options
  • Cardio development, fitness & weight loss
  • One-on-one attention
  • Specificity of the female athlete
  • Health & fitness education
  • Training camps

Associations Include:

  • El Tour de Tucson
  • Prevent Blindness America
  • The University of Arizona Cycling Team
  • Tucson Triathlon Girls
  • Fair Wheel Bikes
  • Blue Pants Racing
  • Desert Heat
  • ProActive Physical Therapy
  • Eclipse Racing Cycling Team

 Who is Pyramid Coaching International ?


Scott Blanchard has 12 years experience working with clients of all ages, ability levels, and goals. Creating success for the individual is our promise to you.

          • USA Cycling Level 1 Elite Coach
          • USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach
          • Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research
          • Cardio & Endurance Specialist







Pyramid Coaching Services & Pricing

1.    Dynamic PT based Medical Bike Fit: Including complete Physical Therapy assessment, functional assessment, injury assessment, video capture and functional movement screening on dynamic software, positional based power testing, Spin-Scan, PT bio-mechanical cleat alignment, Fit-Stem, Fit-Bike, follow-up, tweaking, and presentation package. Also established a pre-fit process for clients ready to purchase-- $400 per bike, $600 for 2
2.    Training Camps: Development of cycling, triathlon, mountain biking, power, women’s specific training camps including time-line, offerings, presentation, testing, fit process, mechanical support, meals, training sessions, ride support, skills presentations, group ride practice, pricing, insurance, etc.-- $200-$300 per day, per athlete from 1 to 5 days
3.    Power Training:  Development of indoor power-based training classes and one-on-one sessions, using power testing data derived from CompuTrainer assessment and using the 3D software I conduct hour long custom training sessions, everyone on their own bike and on the CompuTrainers, very specific, very concise, and very popular--$50 per session
4.    Personal Training: One-on-one training sessions in my facility or on the road, track, pool, MTB, xc running trails, etc. These offerings are extremely popular and athletes are willing to pay for personal time. It is excellent, specific, productive training--$50-$75 per hour
5.    Motor Pacing: Develop and execute on-the-road group workouts involving a (fast) scooter, once again athletes love this offering, fast, fun, competitive, groups of 5 or less, TT efforts, sprint workouts from speed, intervals, fast climbing, 40-50 on the flats no problem, turn that 53 x 11, this is still realistic in Tucson as there are plenty of places to go if you know where--$60 per hour
6.    Custom Training Programs: Development of entire system/protocol including testing for HR and power zones both in the field and in house and including revisions/upgrades since 1996, full use of internet to coach clients all over the world, vast accumulation of workouts, all endurance sports, all ages, all skill levels, from basic plans to complete high-end packages that include all offerings, I’ve also created event specific training programs available for individual purchase--$150-$400 per 6 week cycles based on desired level of service
7.    Clinics: Develop and produce 1-2 hour clinic on racing tactics (all), road & MTB handling skills, pre-race talks, basic bike maintenance/flats, transitions, season planning, track workouts, nutrition, energy management, psychology, recovery & adaptation, etc.--$50-$200 depending…
8.    Group Workouts: Develop and lead group workouts, road bike, MTB, Track, XC running, park runs, road runs, pool workouts, Mt Lemmon rides, long Sat endurance ride, etc. Clients love these and they can grow rapidly providing access to many paying athletes--$10-$30 per workout depending…
9.    Consultation Services: Meet with clients regarding equipment purchase (especially new bikes…this is a great offering as people are completely overwhelmed by what, how much, size, features etc., clients love to have this help), nutrition, racing, tactics, program design, etc.--$50 per hour

 Contact Information:

Scott Blanchard
Pyramid Coaching Intl., LLC
520-629-0777 office
520-603-4874 cell

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