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Health, Sports and Fitness

Integrative Fitness:  How Optimal Health is Achieved

At ProActive, our Physical Therapists work together with our Health, Sports & Fitness team to create and customize programs specifically tailored to you, helping you accomplish your goals with the support and communication that you need.

Personal Training

Our certified ProActive Fitness Specialists are well versed: from injuries to weight loss to holding you accountable.  Feel safe and confident in your fitness routine with a ProActive Fitness Specialist.

Massage Therapy

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are exceptionally trained and have the added benefit of working with licensed physical therapists in a professional, warm and safe environment.


Pilates combines the use of breath and focus while simultaneously improving flexibility, posture and core strength. It has been effective in alleviating back pain caused from degeneration of the spine as well as rehabilitation after a hip, knee or shoulder injury.

Performance Training 

Train with your ProActive Performance Coach during the off-season and benefit from the continued support of your online fitness program during your training season!

Hybrid Coaching

The accountability and support from a ProActive Fitness Coach with the accessibility and convenience of online programming and monitoring.  Hybrid coaching is specifically geared to give you the one-on-one attention you want. 

Golf Training Program

Improve your Golf Performance and reduce the risk of golf-related injuries through our research-based Golf Training Program. 

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