Congrats to a Lucky Raytheon Employee!

Employee Health Expo - A ProActive Experience

We are continually reaching out into the community to teach people about how to better manage pain and improve health.  

Last week we had the great fortune of participating in Raytheon's Health Expo.  We had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of people who were interested in learning more about how we are ProActive About Health.

As part of our getting to know people we offered a lucky person a Free Fitbit!

The winner was

Raynin Force

She is excited to use the technology as part of a plan for accomplishing her health goals!!

Do you have Health Goals?  

Have you ever thought of your health as a Project with a beginning, middle and end?  

Like any project, it requires some clear goals, planning, an understanding of the necessary resources, and allocation of the needed resources, some timelines and feedback.

Also - most successful projects are completed as a TEAM!  

Having the right team on YOUR health project can make all the difference!!

We have many ways of helping you create a Successful Plan for less pain and better health!

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