Grocery Store Shopping Tips

Going to the grocery store can be daunting, especially if you don’t have a meal plan in place. Nourishing Results is sharing some helpful tips to ensure you’re organized for the week ahead.

Tip #1: Review the week ahead. As simple as it sounds, look ahead and consider the number of meals you’ll be cooking at home for the week. Decide on a few recipes and shop accordingly. We’re excited to try the Curry Lettuce Wraps this week!

Tip #2: Make a grocery list. The days of wandering aimlessly through the grocery store are over. Make a list of ingredients needed from the recipes you’ve selected for the week. Don’t forget to put the ingredients into categories such as produce, dairy, grains, etc. so it’s easy to navigate the market.

Tip #3: Before you head out to the grocery store, ensure that every meal is balanced with ample vegetables, a solid protein source and unprocessed carbohydrate-rich foods. Don’t forget health-promoting fats/oils and delicious herbs and spices for flavor.

Try out these tips when you head to the grocery store or local farmer’s market this week! If you’re still in need of additional nutrition guidance, contact the team at Nourishing Results.

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