Having a Ball with Integrated States

The ProActive Healthcare Network is made up healthcare professionals and businesses who align with our mission to guide the Tucson community towards better health. Today, Terry Tinney and Anne Wheaton of Integrated States, share about Bal-A-Vis-X groups and how they can benefit both seniors, adults and children.


Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of 300 Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises, all of which are deeply rooted in rhythm. The exercises range from one hand tossing and catching one sandbag to both hands bouncing and catching four BAVX balls in a specified sequence. The exercises address visual tracking deficiencies, auditory imprecision, impulsivity, balance and anxiety issues. Some of the exercises combine bags or balls with feet patterns. 


Bal-A-Vis-X enables the mind-body system to experience the symmetrical flow of a pendulum. It engenders focus. In group settings the exercises demand cooperation, promote self-challenge and foster peer teaching, and it’s a lot of fun!


Below are a few examples of Bal-A-Vis-X with a variety of students.


Seniors standing or sitting in a circle, passing beanbags and bouncing small balls to each other in continuous group rhythm. Shared smiles and laughter are part of the experience they enjoy in their weekly group sessions. Terry and Anne show them some new exercises they can try as a group, and practice at home between their weekly Bal-A-Vis-X group sessions. The seniors comment that they feel more focused after a session, and find that their balance issues have improved.

A young student is having trouble learning to read. It turns out he is left eye dominant, and has some eye tracking issues. He stands on a balance board and does partner ball and bag work with either Terry or Anne. His reading is improving, his self-esteem growing. 

Parents, teachers, OTs, PTs, and counselors participate in either a one or two day training, learning the power of the program Bal-A-Vis-X, created by Bill Hubert. 

They are trained by Terry and Anne, both sanctioned trainers and Practitioners for Bill Hubert’s program.


Recently retired from teaching in the Amphitheater School District, they wanted to continue to support the learning and well being of children as well as adults.  They started a business called Integrated States LLC.  They have a studio in Oro Valley.  Terry and Anne work with senior groups, hold private sessions, and give one and two day trainings.


To learn more, visit or contact Anne at 520-609-1710 or Terry at 520-609-1708. To learn more about Bill Hubert, visit: