How do you define health?

How do you define health?

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If I were to ask you to evaluate your health, on what criteria would you base your response?  If your 

Physical health is the most common measure of a person’s health.  The metrics of physical health are familiar for many people - weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc.  It is influenced by one’s genetics and lifestyle.  It’s likely not news to anyone reading this that diet and exercise are key components to attaining and maintaining one’s optimal health.  One’s physical health is also influenced by each of the other dimensions of health.mind immediately assesses your physical wellbeing (the presence or absence of illness, injury, or pain), you’re not alone.  Most people evaluate their health in this way.  There is a much bigger picture when it comes to your health.  There are six dimensions of health that all influence each other to contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.  

You don’t have to have a high IQ score to be intellectually healthy.  If you are able to think clearly, reason objectively, and make responsible decisions, you likely have good intellectual health.  Another indicator of strong intellectual health are the ability to learn from successes and mistakes.

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To have good emotional health does not mean that one has to be happy all the time.  It is entirely appropriate to experience a full spectrum of human emotion.  Good emotional health is being able to recognize and appropriately express one’s feelings.  

Spiritual health is all about meaning and balance.  Many people find that through religious practice, but it’s not a necessity.  Individuals can live a balanced, introspective, and purpose-filled life in a variety of ways.

Environmental health is often thought of in large-scale terms - water pollution, deforestation, soil degradation, etc.  While that certainly does affect one’s health, our everyday personal environments also have significant influence over our health.  Our homes, vehicles, and work environments can be the source of pollution and illness if we are not careful.  

How do you know if you have good social health?  Social health is less about the quantity of relationships that one has and more about the quality of one’s relationships.  If you are able to develop and maintain satisfying interpersonal relationships, you likely have good social health.  

It is important to know that health is not an absolute - health is a spectrum ranging from poor health to optimal health.  One’s health status in any of these dimensions is not permanent - it can change for better or worse.  Each dimension has an effect on the others.  Poor emotional health can impair one’s ability to socially engage.  Impaired intellectual health can negatively affect one’s ability to make choices that will improve physical health.

The good news is that each person has the ability to make changes to improve their health in each of these dimensions.  Here at ProActive, our mission is “to create a transformative healthcare relationship with our customers.”  We understand that your health is affected by a variety of factors and it is our hope to guide you toward the health you want through services offered by our Health, Sport and Fitness team and ProActive Health Network affiliates.  Available services include personal training, nutrition coaching, massage therapy, life coaching, and more!  Let us help you to define and attain the health you want by filling out the form below.

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