Real Change for 2017?

Interested in positive changes for 2017?

When I work with clients, interested in making positive changes, we begin by developing an attitude of curiosity, without judgment, about how you operate. This builds self-awareness and provides valuable information from which to grow.  What is working well in your life and where do we need to make adjustments?

Reflecting on 2016, ask yourself :

  • Am I living as healthy as I could?
  • Do I live aligned with my top values?
  • Do I prioritize my time to attend to those top values?
  • Have I learned to listen deeply to my heart and honor what matters most to me?
  • Are my relations nurturing and fulfilling?
  • What skills do I need to further develop to live a healthier, more fulfilled life?

As we begin a new year many people start off with New Year Resolutions and by February, they’re long since forgotten. Instead of making resolutions, consider asking yourself to commit to one small change that would lead to big results. For example: do you need to learn to say, “no” more often, and hold better boundaries? or do you need to express love and appreciation to loved ones?  

How to generate change:

  1. Set your intention to take action on your small change, each day in 2017.

  2. Outline your action steps that you will take: keep these small and manageable.

  3. Take them and praise your efforts

  4. Once you start to see results, focus on the results you created for yourself.

Many people use a life, business, or health coach for accountability as they develop new habits that support their personal growth.

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