The Importance of Your At-Home Physical Therapy Program

Your road to recovery goes beyond the clinic walls and into your daily routine. One of the biggest components of a successful physical therapy program is the home exercise program. Home exercise programs can be prescribed to patients as early as the first day of physical therapy and are geared towards your goals and outcomes of moving and feeling better.

At ProActive Hand and Physical Therapy, our team will create a home exercise program that you can maintain in-between clinic visits. It’s crucial for patients to follow this program in order achieve better outcomes. Our therapists will walk you through each exercise so you can feel confident performing these in the comfort of your own home.

As you progress through your physical therapy program—so will your home exercise program. Your therapist will work with you to update and modify your home exercise program to continue to challenge you and keep you on a path to full recovery.

Many patients continue these exercises long after physical therapy because they help maintain or manage their condition. After all, physical therapy is all about achieving long-term health benefits.

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